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At Zenman we challenge our clients to not merely fit in but to outshine by applying strategic and meaningful content, design, and strategy.
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Goals, Risks, Vision, Discovery

The first in our five step process to building a website is far and away the most important. At the inception of any project, the client sits down with the team who will be working on the project and we all spend some time getting to know one another. In order to fully comprehend something as important as your company’s website, Zenman must first discover everything about your company. This process involves diving headfirst into what makes our clients’ companies unique. We learn your core values, your goals, your motivations, and use those to create a project plan that accurately reflects your business. This part of our process will last 1-2 weeks.


Collaboration, Iteration, Vision, Design

Once the discovery process has completed and our team has everything in place, design can begin. The creative process gets going with our artists working to identify the visual direction of our clients’ businesses, and either utilizing previous branding efforts or creating new ones. All of our design efforts are aimed at creating a cohesive brand, something easily recognizable regardless of the medium on which it is presented. The process is very collaborative, allowing the client to see their ideas come to life in real time. This period of time also allows for any differences in creative direction between Zenman and the client to be resolved early, before any site development begins. Barring any extreme circumstances, this part of the process will take 3-4 weeks to complete.


Fluid, Responsive, Effective Development

After our designers have locked in the artistic direction and overall design of the website, our developers take up the task of constructing the website. At this point in the process, everything is set, including logos, colors, overall design, and content. As an Agile company, we take our process and deadlines very seriously. By strictly adhering to this, we are able to make the most of our developers’ time. Zenman utilizes benchmarks during the development process to ensure efficiency and production. Among those benchmarks include production, engineering, Alpha testing, and Beta testing. Our quality assurance approach is as rigorous as they come, and we abide by these strict standards to maintain project integrity and guarantee full site functionality. This piece of the process lasts 4-8 weeks.


Engineer, Produce, Test, Deploy

Thus far we have seen a detailed project inception, comprehensive artistic creation, and finely tuned site development. After all of these steps we arrive at our favorite part, the site launch. We schedule a meeting with the client to make sure everything is as it should be and there are no concerns from the client. After the client has given final approval we go through one last round of testing before the site is deployed, and then we launch. The team completes a retrospective meeting after each launch where we cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the project. This is an excellent way to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated and strengths can be nurtured for future projects. This phase lasts one week.


Launch, Track, Measure, Adapt

At Zenman we don’t just hand off the final product to the client and call it a day; we track our projects after deployment and quantify their successes. We apply SEO best practices and utilize metric-tracking software and techniques to see what is working, what isn’t working, and what we can change to maximize our clients’ return on investment. We recommend different packages to our clients including inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing, print marketing strategies, and full multimedia production. These services can be offered as line items or they can be included in a monthly retainer. Deep, long-term engagement with our clients is crucial in maximizing the success of our sites – and your business. We want our clients to be happy and confident that their money and efforts were well spent.

What We Do Best







Product Dev


At Zenman we have led the charge into the new world of responsive web design. The fact is that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop web browsing, and more (and better) devices are being released almost monthly. Responsive web design has become a critical component for many companies, as Google has moved from encouraging sites to go responsive to downright punishing those that don’t. Most important of all, responsive design is future-proof. Your site’s responsive design not only works across every browsing platform currently available, but for devices that have yet to be invented. The future of browsing is now.

Your company is what you do; your brand is the face you show to the world. At Zenman we understand the importance of a powerful brand, and moreover we understand the importance of brand equity. A cohesive brand can be an incredibly potent tool in business, regardless of your product. People will purchase a product with a recognizable brand over one that’s more obscure. Zenman will lay out strict brand guidelines, assuring that your business is recognized across any and all presentation platforms.

Zenman offers full-service multimedia content creation for your company’s site. We offer all forms of photography, including studio, on-scene, environmental, and fine art. Our video production services will cover any of your needs for the web. Tiered packages start from a basic interview-style sequence introducing you and your company, to a full production including multiple locations, cameras, full editing capacity, etc. If you are in need of any work in motion graphics, Zenman is happy to oblige. Our team has experience with several modes of creating motion graphics, including Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects.

Zenman offers comprehensive marketing across multiple platforms. “Marketing” can be a nebulous term, with undefined markers for success and unspecified methodology. It can be confusing and intimidating, but with Zenman you can count on surefire success. We are the Agency of Record for multiple clients. This includes all manner of media buying, be it web-based or traditional. We carry out these strategies and our measurable successes can be seen with every client we serve. Our record speaks for itself. Find out now what Zenman can do for you and your business.

Zenman is the premier design firm in Denver. With close to 20 years of experience in the field, our team has developed meticulous processes to maximize our clients’ success. We employ the latest techniques to increase customer traffic across multiple sources, and make sure every website we design is optimized for maximum customer capture. Even after Zenman launches your site, we constantly run A/B tests to establish steady improvement in conversion. The proof is in the pudding, and our satisfied customers love our pudding.

Zenman is dedicated to creating sites utilizing the leading concepts in UI/UX. Our intuitive user experiences coupled with engaging user interfaces have proven to be a recipe for success with our clients. With almost two decades of experience in web development and design, Zenman has distilled the best methods to expand your customer base. We implement extensive A/B testing throughout your site’s lifecycle, adapting and shifting to maximize conversion. We also use Google Analytics to make informed decisions on how a client’s web site is performing. The data we collect plays a big role in creating the best possible site for your customers.

Colorado loves small business, and we at Zenman are no exception. This state is a breeding ground for phenomenal ideas and driven people. The Zenman team embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado, and fortunately it has embraced us right back. From companies making advances in urban farming to smartphone app developers, we love working with startups of all kinds. The Zenman development process has been refined and perfected throughout our history, and we are thrilled to have helped our clients realize their dreams. Our team will assist you in taking your vision and making it reality.

Some of our clients have businesses offering more tangible products than others, and that’s great! Everyone needs stuff; we all have stuff. Selling stuff is a great way to make money. The Zenman team offers full e-commerce development to meet our clients’ specific needs.We build a strategy around your goals and then deliver on that plan, using tools like Woocommerce and Shopify to add e-commerce solutions into our clients’ websites.

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At Zenman we know that what goes around comes around, and we treat every client like a member of our family. This way of being has created so many new friends for us, so many proud clients, and we couldn’t be happier for those companies. Their success is our success.

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