Sweet Action: Shopify eComm Platform

Sweet Action Ice Cream Scoop

Sweet Action: Shopify eComm Platform

Executive Summary: Sweet Action Ice Cream is a Denver favorite–so much so that owners wanted to expand beyond their brick and mortar store and begin shipping ice cream around the country. They needed an easy-to-edit eCommerce platform that would support their expansion while staying true to their brand.  

Here’s how Zenman built a custom Shopify website that embodied the Sweet Action brand and launched online sales.  



It was time to expand beyond the brick and mortar ice cream shop. The owners of Sweet Action Ice Cream had created a product that was so good, people all over the country wanted it. They needed to create an eCommerce website that allowed customers across the nation to quickly and easily order their favorite pint. 


How do you convey the taste and quality of a product online? And how do you showcase that value of a commodity that is priced high due to shipping costs?  We needed to come up with a design that gave the customer the same experience they would have walking into the Sweet Action shop on Broadway and use images of the product to create demand.


The team at Zenman created a custom Shopify website that embodied the brand of Sweet Action Ice Cream. To overcome the challenge of not being able to taste ice cream online, we photographed each flavor in the pint and with an appetizing spoonful that showed off the handmade ingredients. 

Elements of the packaging used to differentiate between vegan and normal ice cream were incorporated into the design.


The Sweet Action website exceeded projections for online sales and helped generate more local awareness of the brand. The webstore continues to ship products around the country to artisan ice cream lovers and those that need a good vegan ice cream.

"Working with Zenman was awesome. The team took the time to understand our brand. They toured our shop, tasted the product and learned about the artists we have on the walls at Sweet Action. It showed in the end result. We couldn’t be happier.""

- Chia