RE/MAX: Consulting & On-Demand Development

RE/MAX: Consulting & On-Demand Development

Executive Summary: A few years ago, RE/MAX went through a brand refresh and needed a digital partner to consult and execute their online business objectives. While their internal team is well equipped to handle much of the front work, they were looking for additional support from a reputable branding, design, and development agency. 

Here’s how Zenman supported RE/MAX through their brand refresh initiative and help them transform smoothly and successfully. 



“A refreshed RE/MAX wordmark and logo were revealed with the ultimate goal of helping the real estate network’s 115,000 agents in more than 100 countries and territories grow their businesses in the digital world.” RE/MAX Newsroom


RE/MAX has an incredible internal marketing and creative team along with some of the best I.T. experts in the business. The gap that needed to be filled was expertise and execution. RE/MAX needed a digital partner that could provide consulting along with additional horsepower to help complete online initiatives.


We have created a series of websites and digital assets that are utilized internally and for RE/MAX customers. The team has created projects like digital style guides and pattern libraries for complex websites requiring 3rd party integration via API.

Zenman also provides ongoing design and development support as needed to RE/MAX. From the creation of internal projects that support the brand refresh to marketing objectives with hard deadlines, the team at Zenman has partnered with the RE/MAX leadership team to help accomplish their vision.