Ibotta: Branding

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Ibotta: Branding


Bryan Leach knew that the way brands utilized coupons was broken. His goal was to destroy the current model of couponing through an app that connects customers directly with brands. From this, Ibotta was born. 

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We started with a blank whiteboard in a basement and an attorney that had an epic idea but wasn’t himself a coupon user. Our challenge was to create a tool that would be embraced and utilized by a part of the population that neither of us understood: couponers. 


The lean approach was applied and we started with paper prototypes based on our whiteboarding sessions of how we thought the app should flow. We took the paper prototypes to the street and asked people that utilized coupons how they would use this app. When they touched a button we would turn the page and get their feedback. Our team learned extensively from actual users before ever opening Photoshop to begin visual design.


Ibotta is no longer a startup, but the largest couponing and big data brand in Colorado. Bryan is a frequent keynote speaker in the entrepreneur community and his business continues to grow. The branding and UX that Zenman designed are still the foundation of the application.

"Keith and the Zenman team worked with us from our inception to create the Ibotta brand and the original UX for our app. We still utilize the agile approach to our development that Zenman implemented at our company’s inception.""

- Brian Leach, Founder