GolfTEC: Web Design & SEO

GolfTEC: Web Design & SEO

Executive Summary: GolfTEC is a multi-location golf training facility that requires strong search engine rankings to grow their business. When they decided to design and develop a new website, their local SEO rankings were one of their main concerns. 

Here’s how Zenman developed a new site and optimized local pages and local listings to grow their organic traffic, all while improving the GolfTEC experience online. 


The Challenge

Just as a person can develop bad habits in golf, a website can develop into a misbranded mess if neglected. GolfTEC is the most technologically-advanced golf learning center, and the website didn’t accurately represent that.

GolfTEC had marketing and business goals that both played essential roles in the new website. With many locations around the globe, the local SEO was crucial to the success of each facility.  The new site also had to integrate with proprietary software that GolfTEC had developed internally. 


Zenman designed a cutting edge website that paralleled the experience users would have at one of GolfTEC’s learning facilities. By utilizing our SEO launch support upon launch, SEO rankings and organic traffic improved across the board. 

To integrate seamlessly with the proprietary GolfTEC software, Zenman created a responsive style guide and pattern library that empowered the GolfTEC internal developers to easily incorporate the new responsive website visual design into their systems.


SEO rankings increased for each GolfTEC location page. All major engagement metrics improved including time on site, bounce rate, and web conversions.