Frontier Airlines: Web Design

Frontier Airlines: Web Design

Executive Summary: The Frontier Airlines website was out of date and in some places broken. There were UX rabbit holes that lost users and essential features that remained buried and underutilized in the site’s navigation. As a low-cost carrier, it was essential to the company’s business model that the website served as a central hub for both customer-service and ticket purchasing.

Here’s how Zenman redesigned Frontier’s booking page to increase online booking across all devices. 



The Frontier Airlines website needed a design overhaul to be brought into the 21st century and serve their diverse customer base.


One of the most significant challenges on flyfrontier.com was the extreme variance in their customer personas experience with technology. Their customers range from a grandmother that’s never flown before, to a tech-savvy entrepreneur that travels weekly. 


We started with their customers–interviewing over one hundred travelers at Denver’s International Airport. By starting with the end-user, we established and enhanced the site’s information architecture which made navigating the website intuitive for even the least tech-savvy traveler.

Once we had a granular understanding of the traveler’s needs, our team created a responsive website visual design around the Frontier Airlines brand guidelines. We had the distinct honor of being the first agency to take Frontier’s famous animals off the tales of the airplanes and recreate them online. Next, we revamped the site’s essential pages to focus on improving booking satisfaction.


After launch, Frontier Airlines saw an increase in online ticket sales, 248% increase in time on mobile site, 75% decrease in mobile bounce rate. See the Frontier Airlines website here

"Working with Zenman was like working with an extension of our group. They not only nailed our vision, but were able to enhance it as well.""

- Juliette Chase, Brand Creative Manager