Birdcall: UX Case Study

Birdcall: UX Case Study

Executive summary

In 2017, birdcall sought to combine natural, locally-sourced (and mouth-watering) chicken with the affordability of fast food. It was decided that front of house staff would be substituted with an interactive point of service (POS) system that allowed customers to customize, order, and pay for their meal in less than 30 seconds.

Here’s how Zenman integrated birdcall’s customer-facing POS system with their restaurant experience to help them grow into a Denver restaurant staple. 



Two local restaurateurs envisioned a new restaurant concept: exceptional food and unique customer experience. 

In this new restaurant, patrons interact with POS systems instead of clerks to streamline the ordering process and create a modern dining experience.


For the Birdcall concept to succeed, they needed more than just extraordinary chicken; the ordering interface needed to be visually stunning and effortless to operate.

How do we make ordering on an iPad easier and more enjoyable than talking to a cashier?


Zenman researched mainstream food apps, went through online and application-based ordering platforms, and spoke directly to customers while also working with birdcall’s architects and interior designers to ensure the UX was cohesive with the rest of the brand. 

With this collaboration, we arrived at birdcalls’ one of a kind ordering interface.   

Once the UX and visual design were complete, we worked with the development team to continuously test each iteration and refine the customer experience up until and after the grand opening. 


The initial concept was so successful that Whole Foods requested birdcall for their 2017 Denver flagship location in the Union Station neighborhood. A third location was opened in 2018 with a drive-thru experience based on the original interface.

"“We depended on Zenman to design the UX for our ordering kiosks. The ease-of-use was critical to the success of this concept and the results exceeded our expectations. Within a few months of opening our doors, we have had multiple restaurant groups reach out to utilize our software.”

- Peter Newlin, CoFounder