Thomas Vossler

Babyfaced Assassin

Thomas grew up in the northern sticks of Saranac Lake, NY in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains (almost Canada). No cell service, no internet, just his brother, sister, parents, the wilderness and imagination to stay entertained. He loves to play just about every sport, which Thomas gets from his family. One of their traditions when they all get together is a mandatory kickball match, and games usually don’t end until someone is crying, injured or both.

Let’s Chat!

Thomas has been living in Colorado for almost 4 years, and it has been the perfect blend of activities and weather for his life. ┬áHe has played in basketball, softball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, and kickball rec leagues, hiked numerous mountains, and despite growing up in the bitter cold and seemingly endless winters of upstate New York, Thomas didn’t know how to snowboard until just last year, which now can’t get enough of. Above all he is passionate about helping people, whether that’s coaching young athletes, consulting with business owners, or just lending an extra hand. He is grateful to be able to give to back.

Socks are Thomas’ favorite gift to receive (Best gift ever had Calvin Johnson’s Face one them)

He has an irrational (or very rational) fear of sharks

Been told that he’s the greatest dancer of his generation