Sam O’Daniel

The Writing Buddhist

Zenman hired Sam to be be their first Content Strategist, a job he feels is more “life calling” than “plain old 9-to-5.” A friend of his has often told him “words mean things,” and that’s how Sam feels about crafting content and copy. He trades in nuance, clarity, and economy.


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Sam has visited 32 of these United States, but has only ever lived in California or Colorado. He prefers Colorado’s laid-back vibe, but honestly would rather be in Hawai’i. A bit of a traveler, he has also spent time in Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and trekked Europe solo for a month while still in college. Sam recently spent a year volunteering for a hospice company, visiting patients and playing guitar for companionship.

Sam’s favorite writing implement is the .5mm Pentel Sharp™ Mechanical Drafting Pencil

Sam wrote a crayon-illustrated Hallowe’en story in 3rd grade called “Ghosts & Goblins Corner”

Sam has a delightful Netherlands Dwarf rabbit named Sir Oliver von Hopsalot – “Ollie” for short.

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