Caitlyn Fagan

Guapa Blanca

Caitlyn grew up in Santa Fe, NM, spending most of her time on the back of a horse traveling the country for Three Day Eventing. A graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, Caitlyn has spent nearly a decade in the Digital Marketing industry and has a passion for helping businesses grow through digital storytelling. She joined the Zenman family in 2012.

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Caitlyn is active in the Denver community, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Denver Rescue Mission and serves as the President of KIND (Kids in Need of Dentistry). Along with her passion for philanthropy, she also loves finding new brunch spots, knock knock jokes, and Taylor Swift.

Caitlyn’s childhood hero was Matlock

 She legitimately thought she was going to be President (of the United States).

 She sets her alarm clock on the 3’s and the 7’s only (7:33, 6:47, etc).