Website Design for Biondi Revamped

Zenman, a leading website design and development agency in Denver, is proud to be working with Colorado’s premier jewelry store to develop a new website design. Through a long-standing partnership and friendship, Zenman and Biondi will work to create a fresh and long-lasting website design for the leading jeweler.

Biondi Diamond Jewelers is Colorado’s premier provider of exceptional jewelry and exclusive brands. The Biondi family prides itself on creating lifetime relationships with their customers. They love their work and it is reflected in everything they do.

With the Internet being a constantly changing, constantly evolving moving target, part of the job we do at Zenman is to revisit existing website designs to make sure they are current, functional and fresh. After looking back at Biondi and other websites that are a few years old, we realize that both website design and website development can often use some touch-ups, face-lifts and reiterations.

Zenman is working hard to create a new website design that will reflect the beauty and commitment to quality for which Biondi is known. Through a combination of  a robust discovery process, open communication and several iterations of sketching and design, Zenman and Biondi will partner to create a beautiful, functional website design that will separate Biondi from their competition and further establish the brand as the premier jeweler in Colorado.


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