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Project Manager

Calendar July 6, 2016 | User Zenman

55k-35k Dependent on experience

Zenman is an award-winning interactive marketing agency in Denver’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We shine a spotlight on our clients to tell their unique story and grow their businesses. We are unapologetically driven by process and live and breathe quantitative creativity because we believe that websites can be beautiful and useful.

Zenman is looking for an experienced Project Manager with an eagerness to dive into a fast-paced and evolving digital agency atmosphere. The Project Manager will oversee projects, facilitate client meetings, keep the ship afloat, and raise a flag when we fall out of process. An ideal candidate has a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, brand development and strategy, and website design and development.

If you:

  • Compete for the fewest e-mails in your inbox at the end of the day
  • Love discovering hidden meeting times for a group of extremely busy team members
  • Find not-so-secret delight in checking off to do lists
  • Thrive in a fast-paced setting where tasks change daily (and more honestly, by the minute)
  • Have an ability to turn a mistake into a learning experience
  • Aren’t sorry when people make fun of you for having to schedule your professional and personal life several weeks out
  • And most of all, if you’ve been seeking a job where all of these traits have a chance to be polished, appreciated, and expanded… …this might be just the job for you.

Our style is a little like a start-up (less formality, more efficiency) but the workday typically winds down around 5. Our client connection is human, our work is mature, our clients are sizable and our websites drive ROI.

:: Zenman (or Woman) Responsibilities :

Main duties include leading the inception, development, and successful conclusion of agency projects; facilitating client meetings while managing expectations; closely reviewing statements of work with the team and working with Account Executives when scope creep exists; supervising project budgets and team utilization; and communicating progress of each project to various stakeholders.

This candidate will have an entrepreneurial attitude, be passionate about digital marketing, and most importantly will genuinely care about our clients. This is a client-facing position that requires critical thinking and extreme organizational capabilities while being able to make quick decisions, multitask, and solve challenges on the go.

:: Requirements

  • Ability to work on multiple projects in tandem and independently prioritize tasks
  • Time Management: You will be working with employees, clients and management,
    often spinning multiple plates at once.
  • Math and Budgeting: You will be keeping and maintaining a budget for each project
  • Strong Communication skills: Updating and managing clients on a daily basis.

:: Responsibilities 

  • Assist in managing a team of developers, designers, and writers, including scheduling and updating project plans and timelines
  • Lead projects from discovery to delivery, aiming for on-budget and on-time
  • Communicate effectively with clients, answering their questions and updating project
    status regularly
  • Remove hurdles in the way of Dev and Design teams finishing the project
  • Serve as liaison between Zenman team and client on all projects
  • Field inbound project questions from clients via phone and email
  • Navigate the ship when it comes to client meetings, troubleshooting problems, and
    helping remove blocks that the team encounters.

:: Bonus points

Experience with or knowledge of all of the following –

  • Basecamp
  • Smartsheets
  • GatherContent
  • Harvest

This position will be working directly with all Zenman clients, the Dev, Design, and Content Teams, other PM’s, and the Executive Team to move projects from beginning to end in a timely manner. This position is responsible for delivering to the client what is set forth in individual SOWs and coordinating other teams or members of Zenman to complete tasks on time. It should go without saying that we ask you be organized, efficient, friendly, and proactive.

:: Your background and style might include:

  • Marketing experience
  • Agency experience
  • CRM experience
  • Project Management experience
  • High level of organization
  • Relationship builder
  • Likability, charisma

:: Core Values

We are educators, innovators, and thought leaders in this industry and expect all employees to follow the Core Values of Zenman. Attitude will matter more than experience.

Our Core Values are:

  • Quantifiable Creativity
  • Process Gurus
  • Perpetual Karma
  • Reputation Guardians
  • Industry Innovators

Our clients range from multi-million dollar international businesses to successful startups who are looking to get to the next level with our agency services. They are movers, shakers, and have calendars that make heads spin. Which means that you will have the chance to organize chaos. And have fun doing it.

:: Zenman Must-Haves

  • 1-3 years experience in an assistant role
  • A knack for playing Tetris with Google Calendars
  • Relationship-y – must bond with the Zenman staff and our clients
  • Privacy – must be able to keep things discreet and confidential and always have the best interest of Zenman at heart
  • A “hell yes” and can-do attitude

:: Who You’ll Report to ::

The Integrator

Caitlyn Fagan is the CEO. She makes sure Zenman plays by its core values every day. Caitlyn has nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing, media operations, account coordination, process improvement, and project management. Her career trajectory has always been about creating awesome work to help tell a story. Caitlyn has helped Zenman stay true to its principle of Reputation Guardian by aligning the culture and assembling the right team with a passion to showcase what Zenman can do. As CEO and Integrator, her calendar is filled to the brim and needs someone to help with the nitty-gritty of creating a forever-company that people never want to leave.

:: Zenman Cultur-ama
Culture is more than just Free-Lunch Fridays, but that’s a good starting place.We have an imaginary developer named Giovanni. We’ve got some sports freaks and some gamer geeks. Some are into graphic novels, others play in local bands. And office dogs are our constant companions.
To us, culture is also tied to accountability. Toward that end, we have:

  • Level 10 Meetings: Same time. Same agenda. Every week. No kidding. Plus a daily standup at 8am sharp.
  • Accountability Chart: For knowing who’s in charge of what and directing communication accordingly. This prevents unnecessary CCing. (Just…don’t.)
  • Own vs. Rent: If your life is for rent, you don’t learn to buy. Or buy-in. Zenman people don’t just rent office space. They commit.
  • Retrospectives: Every two weeks. Are you a happy face, a squiggly mouth or a sad face? Why? Zenman’s health depends on hearing what you have to say.

Other Zenman Bennies (that’s benefits, not benedicts, you brunch-goers):

  • Work Laptop
  • Health Benefits
  • Cool co-working space.
  • Free lunch every Friday.
  • Unlimited vacation, and your birthday counts as a holiday – take that off, too.

If you think all this sounds like the type of place you’d love, we’d love to hear from you.

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