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Calendar February 19, 2016 | User Zenman

Do you edit hashtags in your head? Been dying to give a workshop on the use of paragraphs in emails? Had a personal blog for a few years? Maybe a born storyteller? Psyched to bring your golden retriever to work? Most of all, have you been seeking a new level of career consciousness and this whole Zen thing feels like fate?

Maybe it is.

Zenman Karma Stream ::
Zenman is an award-winning, interactive marketing agency in Denver’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We shine a spotlight on our clients to tell their unique story and grow their businesses. We are unapologetically driven by process and live and breathe quantitative creativity because we believe that websites can be beautiful and useful.

Most recently, we have become “content first”. Which means you have the chance to do writing right.

Zenman (or Woman) Responsibilities::

–Write all marketing content for Zenman. Websites, one-sheets, thought leadership, blogs, craft-brew recipes, presentations, emails, webinars.
–Compose all website content for a wide array of clients. Orthodontists, spaghetti, spaceships, real estate, software, even kitchen sinks. 
–Create one-off branding for clients including taglines, collateral, and more
–Create a content style guide and enforce it with glee. You know, like, enthusiasm. No a cappella necessary.
–Build and put a strategic content process in place—one that coordinates cohesively with our co-ed development team, hipster designers and almond-eating project managers.
–Balance 1-3 website content-loads simultaneously
–Work directly with our clients in telling their story (hounding and stalking often required)
–Learn the basics of SEO and keyword research
–Fuse strategic SEO into all your stories

Zenman Must-Haves ::

–Degree in English, journalism or advertising
–2-5 years experience writing advertising or marketing copy
–Belief in your heart that content is royalty. That design is dead without it.
–Ability to get nerdy about process, best practices and relevant content
–Agency experience, sweat and scars
–Relationshipy—must bond with clients, subject-matter-experts and anyone else who matters
–Master proofreader and editor. Sculpt and tighten like your CrossFit crazy. Did you catch that typo?

Zenman Bonus Points ::

–Experience on the client-side
–Worked on solely website content for 2+ years

ZenWoman You’ll Report To ::

Caitlyn Fagan is the CEO. She makes sure Zenman plays by its principles every day. Caitlyn has nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing, media operations, account coordination, process improvement and project management. She was home-schooled, rode lots of horses growing up, is extremely regimented and awakes at exactly 4:37 every morning. No, really.

Zenman Cultur-ama ::

Culture is more than just Free-Lunch Fridays, but that’s a good starting place. We also have an imaginary developer named Giovanni. We’ve got some sports freaks and some gamer geeks. Some are into graphic novels, others play in local bands. And office dogs are our constant companions.

But here’s where it gets good:

Core Hours: To reduce the “real quick question” interruption habit, and promote flow state, we reserve certain hours when developers go deep, designers design, and PMs play Tetris with Google Calendar.   

Level 10 Meetings: Same time. Same agenda. Every week. No kidding. Plus a daily standup at 8.

Accountability Chart: For knowing who’s in charge of what and directing communication accordingly. This prevents unnecessary CCing. (Just…don’t.)

Own vs. Rent: If your life is for rent, you don’t learn to buy. Or buy-in. Zenman people don’t just rent office space. They commit.

Retrospectives: Every two weeks. Are you a happy face, a squiggly mouth or a sad face? Why? Zenman’s health depends on hearing what you have to say.

Zenman Bennies (that’s benefits, not benedicts, you brunch-goers)
–Insurance, benefits and all the works: retirement, short-term, long-term, life and health
–Co-working, but without the rental costs.
–Free lunch every Friday. (ParkBurger, Osteria Marco, Lou’s)
–You get your birthday off.
–Trainings (attend or present)

Zenman Story ::

When Keith Roberts started Zenman back in 1998, right after the dot-com bubble burst, it was just him, his Buddhist books, and a few skateboards. Armed with a dreamy but less-than-practical degree in undersea photography, Keith was determined to have creativity pay the bills. And it wasn’t long before they did. Across nearly two decades, Keith long ago surpassed his 10,000 hours as a designer, and helps Zenman stay true to its principle of perpetual karma, aligning right thought, right speech and right action in every project. Plus, Keith is a child of the 80s, so nothing ever gets too serious. He’s seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at least 400 times, is a record-breaking pinball machine champion, and likes to put together Lego sets in his office. Zenman is a reflection of Keith’s vision and values. We do great work and have fun doing it.

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