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    Calendar August 28, 2018 | User Zenman

    Zenman Story ::

    When Keith Roberts started Zenman back in 1998, right after the dot-com bubble burst, it was just him, his Buddhist books, and a few skateboards. Armed with a dreamy but less-than-practical degree in undersea photography, Keith was determined to have creativity pay the bills. And it wasn’t long before they did. Across nearly two decades, Keith long ago surpassed his 10,000 hours as a designer, and helps Zenman stay true to its principle of perpetual karma, aligning right thought, right speech and right action in every project. Plus, Keith is a child of the 80s, so nothing ever gets too serious. He’s seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at least 400 times, is a record-breaking pinball machine champion, and likes to put together Lego sets in his office. Zenman is a reflection of Keith’s vision and values. We do great work and have fun doing it.

    Zenman Cultur-ama ::

    Culture is more than just Free-Lunch Fridays, but that’s a good starting place. We also have an imaginary developer named Giovanni. We’ve got some sports freaks and some gamer geeks. Some are into graphic novels, others play in local bands. And office dogs are our constant companions.

    But here’s where it gets good:

    • Level 10 Meetings: Same time. Same agenda. Every week. No kidding. Plus a daily standup at 8am sharp.
    • Accountability Chart: For knowing who’s in charge of what and directing communication accordingly. This prevents unnecessary CCing. (Just…don’t.)
    • Own vs. Rent: If your life is for rent, you don’t learn to buy. Or buy-in. Zenman people don’t just rent office space. They commit.
    • Retrospectives: Every two weeks. Are you a happy face, a squiggly mouth or a sad face? Why? Zenman’s health depends on hearing what you have to say.

    Description :: 

    Zenman is seeking a hard working, self-starting, and naturally curious individual who embraces challenge to serve as its Account Manager. This individual has experience in an agency setting with 2-4 years of digital marketing and/or advertising industry experience. This person is passionate and eager about providing value, possesses an unyieldingly positive attitude, a listen & learn-first mentality, and an ability to adapt to any situation. Additionally, this person has a professional demeanor, thinks of others before themselves, and enjoys making people feel welcome and comfortable. Getting the details right, checking tasks off as completed, organizing complex situations, and overcoming roadblocks could not be more rewarding to this person. As the Account Manger, this person’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

    • Living and breathing Zenman’s core values: Quantitative Creativity, Industry Innovators, Perpetual Karma, Reputation Guardians, Process Gurus
    • Leading and managing all client communication, expectations, and coordination of deliverables as defined by each scope of work
    • Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with all agency team members and clients
    • Coordinating with project management and operations teams for on-time and on-budget delivery of all client requests
    • Communicating all project needs & goals to design, development, and content teams for delivery and execution of client and agency vision
    • Identifying and diplomatically solving all client and project challenges to develop and execute solutions and prevent scope creep
    • Identifying and negotiating additional project scope as new ideas, opportunities, and challenges develop
    • Leading internal meetings with operations and all client meetings to facilitate collaboration on key deliverables and decisions
    • Serving on Zenman’s Leadership team to discuss agency health, projected growth, and solve agency challenges
    • Maintaining, improving, and developing processes for efficient, effective, and consistent client results and operational success
    • Mastering and utilizing all internal tools including: Basecamp, Smartsheets, Harvest, Invision, GatherContent, and WordPress
    • Reviewing and proofing all agency work before presenting to clients to ensure quality and client objective is achieved
    • Staying on the cutting-edge of the digital landscape best practices 
    • Understanding and knowing the Zenman process like the back of your hand to efficiently guide clients through a consistently positive experience

    Interested candidates please apply by emailing Caitlyn at Caitlyn@zenman.com.

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