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We are what we do

In his book “Start With Why,” Simon Sinek writes that “Cultures are groups of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs.” The people at Zenman have different roles and specialties, and we come together and create great work not only for our clients, but for ourselves as well, because we love what we do.

What do we do?

Our Account Executives explain our culture and the benefits of partnering with Zenman to potential clients. Project managers are the magicians behind the curtain, making it all happen on time and on budget. Nothing happens without them. Designers hear what the client needs and distills those requirements into layouts that are both attractive and actionable. Developers take the graphic designs and code them into art, testing to make sure they’re reproduced precisely on every device. Writers shine a spotlight, coming up with concepts intended to entice readers to learn about our clients’ companies and share the quality content.

Our founder and creative director Keith Roberts sets the artistic vision for the entire company, mentoring the creative team and inspiring us with his unrestrained imagination and mindful attention to detail.

Our CEO Caitly Fagan keeps it all together, managing the minutiae of growing a small business – company strategy, client contracts, employee perks and benefits, recruiting and hiring. And she does it with style.

Caitlyn says she wants to create a “forever company,” a place where what you do is fulfilling. Where you’re challenged to be better than the day before and supported by everyone around you. Where the company wants to nurture and grow your talent and skills so you don’t want to leave, because the pastures are green enough right here.

Agile with a Twist

Inception meeting

Zenman is an Agile agency with a twist. We live by the adage “Stop starting, start finishing.” Each team member is a Certified Scrum Master. New employees – account executives, developers, designers, et al. – are brought up to speed during their first week in the office. The process is based around development, but the philosophy laid down in Agile training works across many fields. Our management team are all Certified Product Owners and practice what the Agile philosophy calls Servant Leadership, where managers make sure their team is able to work in the most healthy and efficient environment possible.

Chop Wood, Carry Water.

A few concepts from Buddhism guide our way: Right Intention – we are always looking to help our clients improve their business and meet their goals. Right Action – we do the right things, in addition to doing things right. Right Livelihood – we know that what we’re doing to earn a living is helping to benefit others. Right Effort – we know that anything good takes work, sometimes hard work. And the work is worth it when we see how much our clients love our designs and content and functionality. (They love it even more when they see how our work produces results.)

Great marketing takes ongoing effort.

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Join the Culture Club

No, no, not Boy George’s group from the 80’s. The culture club at Zenman is where you want to be. Coffee, video games, craft beer, good music, mountain life, old movies, abstract art; this is what we’re all about and this is what inspires us.

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