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Bringing coffee and doughnuts to every meeting certainly makes us happy, but being a fantastic client can go much farther for both parties than simply showing up with sweet treats. (They don’t hurt though. Really, you can keep bringing them.) There are some key components that not only make your company a breeze to work

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Outbound marketing used to be all that. It sold your products and brought in the money. So we thought. Then we met Inbound Marketing. Outbound would take our money and disappear. We’d wait a while and Outbound would return and say that the money worked, we got customers, right? Outbound would show up on TV

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Marketing used to be an endeavor to reach as many people as possible by casting a wide net through advertising on TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, magazines, and even cold calls. None of these methods sought the permission of the viewer to interrupt whatever they were reading or watching, not to mention that you may

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Awesome Skateboards

As an agency owner I have the burden of knowledge. I know that my website is the best sales tool that exists for Zenman. I know that creating consistent quality content in the form of eBooks, blogs, videos, infographics and events will drive traffic to a website and help with SEO. A website is almost

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At Zenman, we know you understand the importance of having blog content on your company’s website. Maintaining a blog is vital in driving traffic to your site and getting the word out to all the people you want to reach. What is even more important than creating good blog posts? Creating great blog posts, that

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Now that your website is up and running, the next step is to make it work its virtual booty off for you. With the right tactics your website will generate new leads, build brand recognition, increase brand exposure, and provide quality information for anyone that visits it. Here are some great ways to make your

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You can find lots of lists of the essential UX (User Experience), features and functionality recommended that need to be done. Equally as important might be the things that your website needs to stop doing. In many cases it can be faster and cost less to correct the glaring errors that are costing you customers.

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Zenman Digital Agency will be hosting the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Industry Mixer for April at our offices on April 11th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Network with professionals across a variety of industries, check out Zenman’s space, and learn more about the AMA.  Beer, wine and appetizers will be served. Details :: Date: April

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The Zenman team is delighted to announce our newest client, Arista! Arista is a computer networking company that design and deliver software-defined networking solutions for big data storage, and high-efficiency computing environments. “Arista was recognized by Gartner as a “leader” in its “2017 Magic Quandrants for Data Center Networking” based on a number of factors, including

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