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JPG vs. PNG vs. SVG Files

You’re sitting at your computer looking through potential website images. You can choose between gorgeous live-action photos, landscapes, computer graphics, and a bunch of icons. They’re all different types of files (JPGs, PNGs, and SVGs), so you start to wonder, “What do these even mean, and what’s best for the web?” Each of these common files

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digital marketing checklsit

In this epic digital marketing checklist, we’re going to provide you with [just about] everything you could ever need when it comes to digital marketing and how to achieve your business goals. Generally speaking, all digital marketing efforts are a means to an end, and typically the end is “sell more things.” In order to do this, you have

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Work Feature - CRWD

The Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) is an organization located near St. Paul, Minnesota. They strive to “protect, manage and improve the water resources of the district and the Mississippi River” by research, education, projects, and permits and grants. After meeting with their team, we worked together to create a modern, clean design, develop the site with

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Traditionally, wireframes have been a dominant tool in the planning and execution of a website. Rapid iteration paired with the ability to showcase initial ideas to stakeholders cemented them as the go-to choice for mapping out a website. However, now that the web has evolved into something much more fluid and dynamic, wireframes are weighing

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Girl Scout Cookies Brand Equity

Brand equity matters a great deal. To summarize, it’s how the public thinks and feels about your brand. Brand equity lives at the intersection of self-portrayal, current customer’s sentiment, and non-customer’s assumptions. Some of the most equitable brands include Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks. But I think we can learn the most about brand equity from the Girl

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Logo refresh why

The “Why” Behind These 5 Logo Refreshes

Calendar February 20, 2019 | User Zenman

Businesses refresh their logos all the time due to new technology (like changing screen size), mergers and acquisitions, or changes in digital design trends. Each time an update is required, it’s essential to discuss the “why” with your branding team and designers so they understand your new direction and vision. We think it’s best to illustrate this exercise with a

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How to Design & Develop an Eco-Conscious Website

It’s projected that the United States web activity will use about 73 billion (with a “B”) kilowatt hours by the year 2020. To put that into perspective, it would take about eight large nuclear reactors to produce this type of energy. For those wondering about their personal carbon footprint, it equates to 300 pounds of carbon emissions per person per

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copywriting tips for core webpages

Copywriting is one of those things that, when done well, you hardly notice it. But when done poorly, it screams unprofessional, uninspired, and dated. Since influential copywriting directly relates to your brand sentiment, site traffic, and conversion rate, getting it right is crucial. Here are a few quick copywriting tips that can help marketing teams, founders,

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