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Corinne Winthrop is one of Zenman’s developers, working on a range of projects for our clients. Our former client Fast Enterprises recently asked her to come speak at their Camp Code for Girls, a three-week program that helps introduce teenage girls to careers in software development. As the developer who built the Fast Enterprises website, Corinne

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A screenshot from the RMA website that shows links to different services the company provides

Renaming and rebranding a company that’s almost 100 years old is a monumental operation. Rocky Mountain Air (formerly US Welding) requested Zenman’s help in conceiving of a new name that would speak to the company’s expertise and long history in flawlessly providing gases and related services to the Rocky Mountain region. Along with the name

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Photo of the Zenman logo carved out of wood

Adding images (logos, graphics, photos, etc.) to your social media posts is great way to add visual associations with your brand. However, if your images aren’t the right size they can easily become your worst enemy. Brand trust falls away if your logo is pixelated or off-center. The Zenman team knows you have more important things

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photo of hrQ client grid

hrQ approached Zenman to create a website that clearly expresses the company’s nationally-available comprehensive suite of talent-focused services, along with their activity in HR communities. We built an interactive chart that shows a selection of hrQ’s clients and how the company assisted with their human resource needs. We also helped present their client testimonials in an attractive

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