Richey May

Richey May & Co is an accounting firm based in Denver, Colorado. They specialize in accounting for businesses, including tax services, real estate services, and business advisory.

The intent of their website is to increase their brand visibility and attract contact form submissions. To do that, they need to generate organic search engine traffic.


The Problem

Richey May did not have any online visibility for their target keywords.  Their website did not rank for any highly searched terms in their industry, and their organic search traffic was inconsistent.

The lack of visibility was problematic, as it was not driving any traffic to the site. With such a small number of viewers, any site data regarding conversions would be uninformative.

Comparing and Understanding

Richey May needed a solution that would put them on the front page with their primary competitors and significantly increase their organic search traffic. Our designers and developers were already in the process of designing their new site when we learned about their need for search engine optimization.

Zenman’s SEO team carefully analyzed the client’s website and met with them to discuss and understand their needs and goals.  We performed keyword research, conducted competitor analysis, reviewed the existing websites’ link portfolio. There were many valuable opportunities for Richey May to grow their audience, improve brand awareness, and significantly increase search engine organically traffic by means of a calculated search engine optimization campaign.


We saw a considerable improvement in Richey May’s online visibility within three months of starting work. Indicators that our strategy was performing effectively for the client include: Positive search ranking increases materializing at ~8 weeks and  the site picking up front-page rankings for several keywords, including “CPA firms,” “Denver accounting firm,” “certified public accountants,” and “accounting firm in Denver.”

When comparing the data in Google Analytics, we discovered positive results from our content creation & link building campaign. In the first three months of creating and publishing content on their behalf, we saw:

Increase in Organic  traffic. Sessions: +54.54%; Pageviews: +40.30%; Avg. Session Duration: +63.63%; Bounce Rate: +35.07%; Unique Pageviews: +30.09%.

Improved local organic search rankings jumped approximately 229 positions across 14 keywords, and obtained front page rankings for several keywords, including:

Accounting Advisors Denver: 1st page, 3rd position Hedge Fund Audits Denver: 1st page, 5th position Mortgage Accountants Denver: 1st page, 1st position Mortgage Accountants: 1st page, 3rd position.

Keep in mind that our expert team of website designers and developers were still creating the client’s new website at this time. We were unable to access the client’s former site to perform our on-page optimization checklist, meaning we generated these results with only three months of off-site SEO efforts. These results meant that our off-site SEO strategy had proven to be incredibly effective for our client’s needs.

In the two months after the client’s new site was launched, positive results continued. Our web designers and developers have helped the client significantly, and when compared to the months preceding the site launch, our efforts have created an additional:

Increase in Organic  traffic. Sessions: +38.06%; Pageviews: +47.02%; Avg. Session Duration: +79.75%; Bounce Rate: +28.53%; Unique Pageviews: +60.95%.

Improved local organic search rankings for several competitive & high-value keywords including:

Accounting Firm: 1st page, 2nd position. Accounting Firms: 1st page, 8th position. CPA Firm: 1st page, 2nd position. CPA Firms: 1st page, 2nd position.

The Solution

Accounting is a competitive industry. With a detailed strategy of calculated keyword research, on-page optimization, citation building, and original content generation & distribution, we felt we would be able to provide a significant improvement to Richey May’s organic search engine traffic and rankings. Zenman’s SEO consultants prefer to combine a variety of search engine optimization strategies in driving organic search engine traffic. No single strategy functions as a “silver bullet” solution for SEO.

Zenman used a combination of coordinated SEO strategies to help the client improve search rankings, organic search traffic, brand visibility, and the conversion rate for the Richey May website. The power of original, researched content shared in relevant places has a history of generating long-term positive returns for well-designed websites.


Richey May could quickly see that this rapid increase to their organic search engine traffic was well-calculated. With nearly a 61% increase in unique pageviews to the contact page, it is safe to say Richey May’s brand is growing stronger by the day. The client is pleased with the results we have created for them, and we stand together looking forward to continued benefits to their business via increased organic traffic, brand visibility, and conversions.

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