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Plum Voice is a Boston-based company offering businesses of all sizes the most reliable way to deploy automated mobile solutions both domestically and internationally. They originally came to Zenman looking for a total branding overhaul. Plum offers multiple products to their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) customers.

Plum wanted a responsive website to serve their new customers without losing any of the previous base. Along with updated functionality, Plum’s aim was to create an engaging, easy-to-navigate website that would attract a tech-savvy clientele.

“It was an easy process to rebrand and develop our much-needed new website. The proof is in the analytics, Zenman rocks”
-Scott Wilson, Plum Voice

The Work

For Plum, Zenman created a beautiful, icon-driven design with a clean interface and clear calls to action throughout the site. Along with the development of the new responsive website, Zenman was able to create a single, cohesive identity package that allowed use across multiple browsing platforms and devices.

The iconography created for the site was used across electronic media as well as print. Plum’s new streamlined look and the site’s seamless functionality placed them ahead of their competitors, proof of which was quick to follow.


The Results

The web metric that business owners generally want to see improve is page visits. When you’ve just spent a good portion of your marketing budget on a new website, you hope traffic will increase, the thought being that more page visits means more potential customers, and more opportunities to convert leads. With a new responsive website, Plum no longer had to combine their desktop site visit counts with a separate mobile site. Plum’s average number of page visits after the launch of their new site increased by 16.67% on desktop, 99.39% on tablets, and 21.25% on smartphones. Those numbers alone are remarkable and really speak to the benefits of having a responsive site.


Plum Voice before Zenman redesign

Once we see the increase in the number of new visitors, we next want to know what they’re doing on the site and how long they’re hanging around. Average site visit duration improved dramatically on the new design, with visit times increasing on desktop by 158.23%, tablet by 257.69%, and mobile by 57.12%. This extraordinary increase in the average time on-site tells us at the very least that the site is more visually appealing. Clean design and valuable content can encourage potential customers to stick around and view the site’s content.


Plum Voice after Zenman redesign.

Once your website attracts a visitor, you want them to stay as long as possible. The longer a potential client stays on your site, the higher the potential to convert. The rate at which customers leave your site after arriving is known as your bounce rate. For Plum, the difference in bounce rate between their old site and their new one was immediate and drastic. Bounce rates were reduced by 27.08% on desktop, 31.28% on tablet, and 11.32% on mobile. A clean user interface and favorable user experience will lead people to explore more of your site, clicking around and discovering valuable content where they otherwise may not have bothered.

Icon Exploration:

Brand Mark:

Plum Voice logo breakdown Plum Voice full logo

Plum Voice product logos


For Plum Voice, their new site’s responsive design succeeded in improving the potential for leads and ultimately conversion. Traffic increases have put them solidly ahead of their competition. This is a significant example of the importance of responsive design when considering a new web solution for your company.

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