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The mission statement at the i-Orthodontics practice is simple yet powerful: “Live Life Smiling.” It’s not surprising that they want everything in their office to be as straightforward as their mission statement. i-Ortho maintains a patient-friendly approach while focusing their practice on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology. They believe that simplicity combined with innovation is the fastest and most efficient way to give you the smile that you would like to have.

Doctor I and his team treat their patients like family. They attend continuing education lectures across the country as a team and have taught other local offices about superior clinical and patient care. No question goes unanswered, and Dr. Idiculla makes it a priority to spend time with every patient at every appointment. Personalized care is the focus of the practice. Once you join them in their office, you will realize that you are always welcome.

“Zenman has been a key factor in growing from one practice to five. I love Keith and the team like family.”
-Anil J. Idiculla, i-Ortho

The Work

Dr. I and his team at i-Orthodontics wanted to take advantage of all the services Zenman had to offer, and we were happy to deliver. A trusted client and friend for many years, we have created several websites for Dr. Idiculla. We also created and developed digital marketing strategies aimed at rocketing the i-Ortho brand to the top of the orthodontics vertical. Our branding and identity packages established i-Ortho as an industry force, and his digital presence has played a large part in the success of the practice.

The dynamic, responsive design of the i-Ortho website is full of valuable written content as well as original photography of staff and patients. The “Live Life Smiling” philosophy is clearly displayed on every page, as are Dr. I’s values and deep care for his patients. The copy on the site is centered on targeted keywords that have successfully advanced the site to the top of search engine results, delivering a fantastic information resource for prospective patients.

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The Results

We worked hard to take an already great orthodontist and make him the best-marketed professional in his industry and the country. Dr. I handled the hard part by being a skilled orthodontist, but client word-of-mouth will only take you so far. After the launch of his responsive website and the application of our detailed marketing strategy, the results quickly started to show. i-Orthodontics has seen a steady flow of new patients. He has managed to take one practice location and expand to five successful practices all over Colorado. With increased popularity comes an increased presence, and Dr. I was thrilled to meet the demand. How exactly did he get there though?


iOrtho Before.

Let’s drill down to the numbers. How exactly did our efforts help i-Orthodontics grow? Looking at i-Orthodontics Google Analytics data shows a spike in important metrics. Our digital marketing plan included a PPC and SEO strategy that aimed to increase visibility on search engines. The responsive website we developed for i-Ortho allowed users across all web browsers and devices to easily access the site, allowing those SEO efforts to yield positive results. What we ended up seeing was an increase from less than 500 unique site visits per month to over 1500. A combination of strategically placed calls to action and unique, informative content also led to a 30%-plus decrease in bounce rate. The time spent by visitors to the site also increased by almost double.


iOrtho after Zenman

We increased the response to the i-Ortho team across every digital metric that matters, but what is the end goal for any business? Sales of course! Dr. Idiculla is as gregarious as they come, and the man knows how to sell his business and talents to whomever he’s speaking with, so we wanted the passion and exuberance he shows in normal conversation needed to convert to the web. Through our branding efforts, responsive design, and effective digital marketing efforts, we increased the potential customer base for Dr. I, and the results were quite impressive. i-Orthodontics saw a 500% increase in patients contacting the practice through his new site. Conversion is the goal of any business’s website, and even we were surprised by the i-Ortho success story.


Dr. Anil Idiculla and the talented team at i-Orthodontics are long time friends and clients of Zenman. Aside from being one of the best orthodontists in the nation, Anil spends his time offering his services to children in need through his work at KIND (Kids In Need of Dentistry) and also overseas. When he isn’t hitting the slopes he loves going to Broncos games and kickin’ it courtside at Nuggets games.

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