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Dr. Damon Szymanowski

Dr. Damon Szymanowski is a board certified Orthodontist based in Sacramento, CA. Szymanowski Orthodontics is the primary practice operated by Dr. Szymanowski and his team of orthodontic specialists. They provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for kids and adults.

This includes braces, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and other orthodontic treatments.  Zenman was asked to create a website and devise a search engine optimization campaign for the site.


The Problem

Like many businesses, Szymanowski Orthodontics was missing several elements critical to their digital image. First, their website did not offer users an interactive, memorable experience. As a result, their website traffic was not converting into new patients needing orthodontic treatment. Zenman prepared a website design intended to convert. However, the practice was also suffering from a lack of online visibility. Their poor organic search rankings correlated with their low organic search traffic, leaving them with a lackluster online presence.

Zenman produced an SEO campaign to help alleviate their digital woes. Szymanowski Orthodontics was not making any considerable progress in their effort to pass their competition in search engine visibility. Zenman’s new website and precise SEO campaign aimed to make Szymanowski Orthodontics compete with other local orthodontists online.

Comparison and Understanding

Part of our SEO research compared Szymanowski Orthodontics with competitors both locally and nationally. We found that the site was lacking in certain SEO best practices and that affected their visibility against other orthodontic offices.

Zenman has experience working with dentists and orthodontists. We met with Dr. Szymanowski and discussed his current website’s status, from both a design and an SEO perspective. Together, we concluded that Szymanowski Orthodontics’ website was not delivering a user experience that attracted new clients to the practice. That design pitfall along with their nonexistent organic search presence meant a sweeping digital solution was necessary.

The Results

We started seeing significant traffic and ranking increases around the 90-day mark of the SEO campaign. By that time, we had generated a 37.50% increase in organic traffic sessions, and a 43.53% increase in organic traffic users. Pageviews had also increased 10.10%. We also tracked a number of keyword rankings and saw them increase dramatically. For a few keywords in particular (including “Invisalign braces,” an incredibly valuable term) we had moved from page 10 to the top of page 2. This did not yet result in a massive increase in conversions, but these ranking increases were a positive sign at the 90-day mark. At this point, we knew we were on the right track and that continuing on our current SEO path would lead to even further gains.

In the time since Zenman launched the SEO campaign for Szymanowski Orthodontics, we have seen exceptional increases for both organic search engine traffic and rankings. Since the start of our content distribution campaign we have cultivated:

Increase in Organic Traffic: Sessions +84.78%; Pageviews +104.68%; Avg. Session Duration: +42.44%.
We also achieved front page rankings in local search engine results for several of the client’s high-value keywords including:

Invisalign Orthodontist: 1st Page, 3rd positionOrthodontics: 1st page, 3rd position.Orthodontist Invisalign: 1st page, 2nd position.Orthodontist: 1st page, 3rd position.Orthodontists: 1st page 6th position

…and this trend appears to be continuing. Valuable keyword rankings improved 143 positions cumulatively across all relevant terms. Szymanowski Orthodontics is on a path to continue improving their local search presence while
also driving new traffic and potential patients to their website.

The Solution

Szymanowski Orthodontics required a multifaceted approach to boost their online presence.  Our team of award-winning designers and developers needed to create a website that truly represents Szymanowski Ortho. Our search engine optimization experts knew it would require careful keyword research, precise on-page optimization and a great backlink profile to obtain lasting search engine rankings for Dr. Szymanowski and his team.

To ensure success for Szymanowski Orthodontics, we knew we needed to create a long-term SEO solution that aligned their website with their goals. A Zenman designed and developed website drives conversions at a far higher percentage than your average website. Zenman has a history of delivering award-winning websites that grow businesses.


Dr. Szymanowski is incredibly pleased with the increased traffic and search engine rankings achieved for his practices’ website. Their office has seen an influx of new patients and the success has been remarkable. Thanks to a fantastically designed and functional website coupled with a strong SEO strategy, Szymanowski Orthodontics will continue to improve their online presence well into the future.

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