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Bonanno Concepts

Zenman started working with Frank and Jacqueline Bonanno over 10 years ago. Jacqueline was browsing restaurant websites, looking for ones she liked in order to find a website development agency. Through her research she discovered that the effective restaurant websites that told a story conveying the atmosphere, cuisine, and experience were designed and developed by the team at Zenman. Our first project for Bonanno was to redesign and develop websites for both Mizuna and Luca d’ Italia. These two initial projects happened in parallel and we quickly launched both websites. As Frank expanded into Larimer Square with Osteria Marco, he brought Keith and the Zenman team in to create several award-winning websites that effectively communicate the Bonanno philosophy.

Over the years, Bonanno Concepts has grown to include a noodle bar, speakeasy, several neighborhood bars, and some of the finest dining and casual restaurant establishments in the country. Zenman has worked with the Bonannos on creating brands, designs, and marketing strategies and execution for all of the new concepts they are constantly establishing. Every project is different and we work closely to make sure the brand and accompanying interactive website represent the ultimate restaurant experience.

“Zenman is the best…period. We have worked with them for over a decade and couldn’t be happier.”
-Frank Bonanno

The Work

Zenman has created over a dozen websites and brands for Bonanno Concepts including: Bones, Osteria Marco, Green Russell, Russell’s Smokehouse, Lou’s Food Bar, Vesper Lounge, Mizuna, Luca d’ Italia and Salt & Grinder. A few recent projects that we love are the responsive website developed for Frank’s Jersey-style delicatessen Salt & Grinder, and the HTML5 fluid website for Osteria Marco. On a personal note, if you haven’t had the lobster mac & cheese at Mizuna or the burrata from Osteria Marco, we highly recommend trying them. It will change your culinary life. Many of our projects for Bonanno Concepts have been featured in the Denver Egotist, the Hermes Design Awards, and Site of the Day, among others.

We enjoy being involved in the planning process with Frank and Jacqueline. It starts with a bottle of wine and a visit to the new restaurant location to get a basic understanding of the new concept (nothing is ever the same with Frank). Once we fully process the type of food and the atmosphere Jacqueline is working to create, our team begins the process of designing the brand. Once we solidify the brand guidelines through many iterations, we move on to website design and development. From taste-testing the menu and matching the concept to the website, we love working with the Bonannos!

The Bones, Lous, and Osteria websites

Restaurant sites are a unique challenge. You have to eat the food and experience the service to be able to effectively tell the story. (Poor Zenman, right?) Whether subtle nuances like understanding best practices for integrating OpenTable or making menus easily updatable with a CMS (content management system), it is truly our pleasure to create a series of responsive websites that deliver the experience diners can expect. We have humbly helped one of this generation’s greatest restaurateurs establish a legacy, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Logo Types:

Bonanno Concepts logo.
Vesper Lounge Logo
Russell's Smoke House Logo
Wednesday's Pie Logo
Osteria Marco Logo
Luca d'Italia logo
Lous Food Bar Logo
Green Russell Logo
Bones Logo


With new projects constantly on the horizon, we are always excited to see what comes next. Each original concept presents an opportunity to create something fresh. Frank lets us go crazy with the creative, and we’ve developed brands and responsive websites that our whole team is proud of. Frank’s latest concept, Salt & Grinder, opened in 2016 in the Denver Highlands neighborhood and has a hand-drawn salt shaker and pepper grinder as the logo. The responsive Salt & Grinder website is designed to showcase the menu and honor Frank’s vision.

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