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Better With Bacon

BWBacon is a recruiting firm founded in 2001 in Denver, Colorado. Dave Bacon is an old friend of Zenman’s; we’ve been fortunate to see his business grow, and we’ve grown right along with them. BWBacon is passionate, even aggressive about what they do, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave, you know exactly what we mean.

BWBacon is an Agile shop dedicated to connecting game-changing companies with top technical and creative talent. Bacon specializes in both contract work and full-time placement to the tech industry. The company delivers candidates in contemporary software, web, and mobile to startups and emerging tech companies.

“Working with Zenman is a dream. From my initial logo when I was just starting out to the current award-winning responsive website that attracts top talent for our clients.”
-Dave Bacon, BWBacon

The Work

Zenman and BWBacon began our close relationship when Dave was just starting outx, and the collaboration continues to this day. Along with helping to bootstrap the (at the time) emergent firm, Zenman took a great brand (BACON!) and helped make it new and exciting. BWBacon has seen a lot of change throughout the years, consistently serving more clients and then adding employees to meet demand. Their growth required that they open up a second office!

As stated previously, BWBacon already had a great brand. Zenman’s task was to make that brand as visible as possible. The first step was to develop a new responsive website that would let viewers see all of Bacon’s offerings regardless of browser or device. We established SEO best practices for on-site content, targeting appropriate key words and phrases to increase search engine visibility and overall SEO value. We placed calls to action strategically throughout their site, which led to higher conversion rates to go along with increased traffic. BWBacon’s growth is a great example of our work in action.


The Results

Since mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in popularity, any company wanting to expand their customer base needs to have a responsive website. Usability demands a singular web experience regardless of browsing device. Once we built BWBacon a site with responsive design, it attracted new wave of potential clients and talent, broadening their reach beyond Denver into the rest of the country. Applicants and clients alike are able to access all content on the website regardless of browser or device. This consistent experience increased conversion throughout the site.


BWBacon website before zenman.

The BWBacon brand was already respected for connecting cutting edge talent with industry leaders and innovators. By implementing best practices for inbound marketing and SEO we were able to increase BWBacon’s visibility to those who may not have been previously aware of the firm. The results of our combined work have been outstanding, and we’ve seen BWBacon grow to multiple locations, double the size of their staff, and a present a brand that is a welcome sight to candidates and hiring companies alike.


BWBacon responsive website

We knew this project was successful when BWBacon started getting elite creative and developer applicants asking to be placed at the agency that created the responsive website. That compliment from our peers was the best part of working on this project.

BWBacon full logo


For Dave and the rest of the team at BWBacon, Zenman helped to broaden the reach of an already fantastic brand. Through strategic use of calls to action within the site and the application of best practices for SEO and on-site content, we helped drive considerable growth for the company. The development of a responsive website took advantage of their increased visibility, making the same branded site available to desktop, tablet, and mobile users. The goal at BWBacon is to connect people, and the work of our team helped do just that. Dave Bacon loved our work, which is why he keeps coming back, or as he calls it, “being a repeat offender.”

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