Zenman’s Top Web Design Trends for 2015

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As a web design agency, staying on top of the trends in responsive web design and website development is key in being able to successfully deliver top-notch products for our clients. It is important to know what elements are being used in current web design methodology to ensure the best end-user experience. Some of the trends in 2015 have continued from the previous year, while some new in the creation of effective web designs. Here is a quick list of the top trends for 2015:

Responsive Design

This is and still continues to be at the top of the list. Responsive design is a necessary element that should be included in every website design to accommodate the growing population of individuals who use mobile technology as an everyday staple. If your web designer is not incorporating responsive design into the structure of your site, it’s time to get a new developer.

Large imagery and HTML 5 Video

Pictures make bold statements without saying a word. Visual treatments continue to dominate design trends as users migrate toward websites that have a large visual presence and appeal.

Bold Typography

The fonts used in website development are just as important as the content, colors and other elements that help make the site unique. Typographic art and appealing fonts are essential to user engagement. As new fonts continue to be added into the landscape, web designers will have a number of options to select from when using a font that will help define your brand.

Scroll-Based Animation

Mobile devices use enhanced scrolling instead of clicking to get to a specific destination. This feature is a must when producing a responsive web design that will keep users engaged.

Transparencies over Photos

Also known as ghost buttons, these are used to create subtle call-to-action statements or to softly highlight images. Widely used within the web development market, expect to see a lot more of this in 2015.

Flat Icons

Flat design was big in 2014 and continues into the New Year. Clean and minimalistic, this is easy to maintain and has become a top choice in website development.

One Page and Slide-out Navigation

Fixed navigation makes responsive web design even easier for the end-user. This allows easier browsing and eliminates the task of having to scroll all the way back up. Slide-out navigation is also becoming widely used to pop up as useful toggle buttons are engaged. 

Parallax Effect

Parallax effects in scrolling gives viewers an enhanced view of the designs used on a site (mainly 3D). Used to complement a design, or to create a WOW effect, this design scheme helps websites stand out and quickly engage users.

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Calendar December 30, 2014 | User Keith Roberts