Zenman’s Corinne Winthrop Inspires At Fast Enterprises’ Camp Code for Girls


Corinne Winthrop is one of Zenman’s developers, working on a range of projects for our clients. Our former client Fast Enterprises recently asked her to come speak at their Camp Code for Girls, a three-week program that helps introduce teenage girls to careers in software development. As the developer who built the Fast Enterprises website, Corinne is an ideal person to speak to the girls in the camp not only because she is a working woman in the tech industry but also because her route to her current position was not a direct path. As she told the group, she attained her degree in journalism and began learning HTML, CSS, and javascript on the job where it sparked her interest in coding as a career.

We know Corinne inspired the girls at Fast Enterprises’ Camp Code for Girls because she inspires us every day with her dedication, creativity, curiosity, and commitment to quality. Congratulations on being invited to encourage the next generation of awesome women coders!

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Calendar August 2, 2017 | User Zenman