Zenman Wins 4 Hermes Creative Awards

Platinum and Gold awards have been presented to Zenman by the judges of the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals’ (AMCP) on May 1, 2008 in the Hermes Creative Awards 2008 competition. All three of the submitted entries for “Abbey Grand Opening Invite, www.osteriamarco.com, and www.townstudio.com” won Platinum awards for their design and the overall websites of Osteria Marco and Town Studio. Zenman has also won a Gold award for their “Company Branding”, which included stationery, website and marketing material.

The Hermes Creative Awards is administered by judges compiled of professionals in the marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, media production, and free-lance profession. The organization and competition are both international providing recognition programs and awards to those in the profession. The Hermes Creative Awards recognizes outstanding and exceedingly tremendous achievements in the industry.

The Hermes Platinum Award is awarded to the most outstanding entries from the Hermes Creative Awards 2008 contest. The judges focus on the quality, creativity, and resourcefulness of the entry. To be awarded a Platinum award is a remarkable accomplishment. Less than 20 percent in the 2008 competition was awarded this Platinum Award.

The Osteria Marco website, www.osteriamarco.com, awarded Platinum, features an actual replica of your dining experience complete with a viewable menu of offered food selections. The site is composed using flash and cycles through available entrees at Osteria Marco. The website is original and very resourceful.

The Town Studio website, www.townstudio.com, awarded Platinum, features the showroom location and furniture collections within the showroom. The images were shot at the Denver location creating a custom identity to fit the uniqueness of the design at Town Studio.

Likewise, The Gold Award is solely awarded to those entries that are exceeding the normal standards in their industry. Once again, less than 20 percent of all submitted entries have received a Gold Award in The Hermes Creative Awards 2008 competition. The award won for “Company Branding” at Zenman was presented with a Gold Award, setting high industry standards.

“I’d like to think the Zenman design and development department is becoming more evident these days based on the way our websites work as well as how they look. By having the right frame of mind in this industry I think Zenman is going to go a long way in the near future,” said Dana Crow, art director for Zenman Productions.