Zenman Launches Website for COPIC


Zenman is excited to announce our newest website launch, COPIC Insurance Company!

Since 1981, COPIC has become a leading medical liability insurance company. Their primary objective has been to improve the interests of the health care industry in the communities they serve. For nearly 40 years, COPIC has been committed to mitigate medical outcomes has included investments in education, risk management programs, patient safety initiatives and other resources. They assist medical professionals with new rising challenges in the medical field to help provide the best patient care.

“At COPIC, our mission is to improve medicine in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to supporting health care professionals so they have the resources and tools they need to deliver the best patient care possible. And through risk management education and patient safety programs, we continue to invest in industry-leading initiatives that allow the health care community to focus on what matters most—better medicine and better lives.” — COPIC

Check out their website here: COPIC

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