Zenman Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Zenman will host its ten year anniversary party on April 10, 2008 at Osteria Marco, where our company will unveil the launching of our new cutting-edge web site, innovative technology advancements as well as our new branding for our current and new clientele. This celebration will help enhance the reputation of Zenman by displaying new ideas and designs.

The ten year anniversary party will demonstrate the new capabilities that Zenman has to offer and celebrate its ten years since its founding by Keith Roberts in 1998. The new identity of Zenman will help the agencies advancement in the web design, development and advertising industry.

Zenman’s ten year anniversary party will be a milestone event that showcases the reinvention of their marketing, advertising, and web design agency. Celebrating the success and the new identity of Zenman on April 10th marks the implementation of Zenman as a more innovative organization.

“This is an exciting time for our agency. We have a really great team behind all this, the launching of our new identity, and plan to capture our excitement through clientele,” said Keith Roberts, President at Zenman Productions.

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