Website Design Updates for Frank Bonanno Continue

Website Design Updates for Valued Business Leader Frank Bonanno

In our continuing effort to keep each website design fresh and perfect, the team of fine ladies and gentlemen at Denver interactive agency Zenman Productions is once again updating the website design for each of Frank Bonanno’s restaurants.

Partnered in logo design, website design and marketing with the Bonanno family, Zenman has worked with the Bonanno family for over five years. Zenman has helped the chef grow his personal brand in to seven restaurants with different themes, logos and looks and feels. As a leading Denver website design and development firm, Zenman understands that the web is a constantly evolving place, and we know that hitting a moving target can be a challenge.

With the Internet continuing to evolve, and practices and websites becoming outdated, Zenman is revisiting each and every website design for the Bonanno family in order to keep the sites fresh, functional and mobile-friendly. Please visit a couple of our favorites!