Trove: Branding, Logo Design, Product Packaging

Work Feature - Trove

Trove is a local Denver business specializing in CBD supplements for dogs, cats, horses, and humans. With such a modern and unique business, we wanted to provide them with branding and logo design that would spark interest and entice consumers to learn more and buy.

For this project, we completed branding, logo design, and product packaging before helping them launch their new eCommerce website! See TroveCBD.com live in action here.


We tested multiple renditions and played with a variety of color palettes before deciding on our final branding guidelines. Here are some of the early stages of branding: Trove Branding

Logo Design

Here are some of our initial sketches for Trove.

And their Final Logo design:

Trove Logo


Packaging Design

Traove CBD Packaging Design Traove CBD Packaging Design 2 Traove CBD Packaging Design 3

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