The Top 5 Design Apps on iPhone 6

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Apple’s iPhone 6 is truly a revolutionary device that puts the power of a personal computer into the palm of your hand. Case in point: there are a wide variety of different apps that make web design on the go as easy as possible. Of all the web development apps that were made for the iPhone 6 and the iOS platform, there are a few in particular that you’ll want to pay attention to.

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is an invaluable tool in web development as it allows you to generate color themes whenever and wherever you’d like. You can save all of your projects to the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, sync with the Adobe Color service and more. Adobe Color CC gets a 5/5 rating.

2. Instant Blend

Instant Blend is a web design app that allows you to easily combine two or more images into a seamless, double exposure-style photographic art piece. It’s a great way to add a truly unique and interesting look to your website development project. Instant Blend gets a 4/5 rating.

3. Split Pic

Split Pic is by far one of the best collage photo editors and blenders on the market today. It allows you to divide your iPhone 6’s breathtaking new camera into several sections, complete with six different layers of content for you to use as the need arises. Split Pic gets a 5/5 rating .

4. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is the ideal web development app for anyone who needs to be able to draw freeform vector illustrations whenever inspiration strikes – regardless of where they happen to be. A huge number of brushes and virtual canvases are supported, as is a pressure sensitive stylus for extreme levels of control. Adobe Ideas gets a 4/5 rating.

5. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix is an iPhone 6 app designed to take all of the functionality of Adobe Photoshop that you’ve come to expect and depend on and combine it with the mobile landscape. The user experience created is virtually unsurpassed. You can make non-destructive enhancements to photos, cut out certain elements of an image, mix images and more. Whenever the need to edit photos for your website or design project occurs, Adobe Photoshop Mix will be there. The app gets a 5/5 rating.

With apps like these, web development on the iPhone 6 has never been easier. You can truly be as productive while on the go as you can be in the comfort of your office or home. Technology has certainly come a long way – the way the landscape will change tomorrow, the day after that or even a year from now is certainly something to be excited about.

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