The best sushi in Denver… is in the suburbs

About a month ago I stopped to visit a teppan and sushi restaurant in Lone Tree called ‘Miyama of Colorado’. I know what you’re thinking, that is in the middle of the burbs. I know what you mean, I live downtown and my comfort zone is from Zenman (32nd & Blake) to the highlands to Luca D’ Italia. I live in a five mile triangle and until a month ago, there was no reason to leave.

We decided to have sushi and the staff pointed out some special items on the menu like imported Japanese Kobe Beef and a selection of fish that is unparalleled in Denver. I am a bit of a food lover and decided to put Miyama to the test. We invited our long time friend and client Chef Frank Bonanno his wife Jacqueline and their Director of Operations to sushi. To be completely honest, I had never invited Frank to a meal before and I was pretty terrified I wouldn’t impress him. Not only did I have to drive him to the suburbs (far outside Frank’s comfort zone), this was the owner of the best restaurants in the state (Luca, Mizuna, Osteria Marco and soon to be Bones) how was I going to impress him with food.

When we arrived Seishi greeted us warmly and from there the food took over. We enjoyed everything from the Kobe Beef, Tempura, Brain Damage Roll, Amazing Nigiri, Blue Crab with Caviar, Fresh Atlantic Sea Trout and more. From the first plates presented to us my guests were very pleased and I am confident that I brought some of the toughest people to impress in the state. To hear Frank and Chris talking about the subtle ingredients that worked perfectly to the exquisitely cut sushi was very cool.

Since then I have brought clients to Miyama for lunch and the sushi and service are just as good in the afternoon as the evening. Even if you are a downtown person it is worth the drive to Lonetree to visit Seishi and Kevin for the best sushi in Colorado. If you have a large party try the teppanyaki grill and make sure you said Keith from Zenman sent you!

Calendar December 23, 2008 | User Keith Roberts