Size Matters: The Zenman Guide to Quality Social Media Images

Photo of the Zenman logo carved out of wood

Adding images (logos, graphics, photos, etc.) to your social media posts is great way to add visual associations with your brand. However, if your images aren’t the right size they can easily become your worst enemy. Brand trust falls away if your logo is pixelated or off-center.

The Zenman team knows you have more important things to do than search the internet for proper image dimensions to use for each of your social media profiles, so we’ve assembled a reference of popular social sites and their preferred dimensions for profile picture/avatars, cover photo/header images, and in-content images.

Profile Picture

It’s a common misconception to think that a profile picture of one dimension will work across all social media platforms. Make sure your profile pictures fit the dimensions below across each service and you’ll experience the Zen tranquility of knowing they’ll look juuust right. (Note that the recent profile picture update for Twitter does not change these dimensions! The image is circular but the suggested dimensions and file size is the same.)

Graphic of various image sizes for major social media outlets.

Cover Photo and Header Image

Arguably as important as the profile picture, the cover photo/header image helps show more of your personality or product to your profile visitors. Follow these these cover/header image guidelines to keep page viewers engaged!

Graphic showing different image sizes for cover and header photos on major social media outlets

Content Images in Posts

The images in the post itself should be as presentable as your profile picture and header/banner image. If they’re not sized correctly, your followers may only see someone’s torso or other part of the image instead of what you want them to see. Use these sizes to put your best (digital) foot forward:

Graphic showing different sizes for content images in posts for major social media outlets

Shared Image Sizes

These are tricky. Your best bet is to create the shared graphic in the size that your designated social network prefers. The use of “Open Graph” tags and other metadata will also communicate which image you want displayed.

A graphic that shows the dimensions for shared image sizes across major social media outlets

And last but not least, here’s every section in one convenient graphic! Download, print, and post it for quick reference. Enjoy!

infographic of social media graphics sizes

Calendar July 14, 2017 | User Zenman