Sand Cherry Gets a Digital Face Lift


Sand Cherry came to Zenman with a need for a distinctive website that would speak to the scale and quality of their organization. Their existing website had begun to show signs of age and did not clearly reflect Sand Cherry’s innovation and body of work. The Zenman design and development team went to work building an immersive user experience that would help potential clients recognize Sand Cherry’s vision.

Some of the key features include a hover-rotating Home page slider (tabs rotate when icon is hovered over), and a mega-tab/accordion feature that highlights various Sand Cherry services in a concise manner. The mega-tab allows for large amounts information to be provided in an easily digestible manner for site visitors. The final result for SandCherryAssociates.com is a robust experience that helps illustrate the innovative nature of the company.

To get a closer look at the features of the website, take a visit now.

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