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Website Speed

How fast does your website load?

People browsing the internet on today’s devices want things instantly. Nobody wants to wait ten seconds for your website to load. Would you wait ten seconds for any other website? We didn’t think so.

Today’s consumers think and act fast. They demand rapid service thanks to the power of the internet. Businesses have digitized themselves efficiently so that consumers have all but enshrined eCommerce as their sole shopping source.
The increased speed which businesses are able to serve online customers is an ongoing pursuit in the quest for legendary results. For your business to compete with other brands, your website’s speed must be carefully considered. In today’s digital race, the fastest site wins.

How fast does your website need to be?

Fantastic question. The simple answer: faster is better. There is no downside to increasing site speed. It’s been five years since Google announced site speed as a search engine ranking factor and its importance has been anything but understated.

The publicized experiments establishing the significance of site speed clearly indicate Google has followed through algorithmically. We know based on research compiled by Google’s own experts that even half a second of additional load time causes traffic to drop by as much as 20%. That’s a small interval of time to lose a large volume of traffic. Taking a closer look at your own site’s speed will have a measurable benefit.

Google is not the only organization who experimented with the influence of site speed. Amazon cited a similar experience in their own tests, suggesting that even delays of 1/10th of a second had significant negative impacts on revenue. Based on the investigations of these two companies, it’s clear that speed is vital for success. It would be unwise to ignore data from two of the web’s biggest players.But what does a “fast” website really mean to a business?

There are several stats that are used to gauge site speed. Load time, processing time and perception are all correlated when determining the overall speed of your website. The difference between these site speed factors can be broken down quickly.

  • Loading Time is the amount of time required to download all your website’s files to a visitor’s device. It is dependent on internet connection speed and filesize. We can’t artifically enhance someone’s connection speed, but we can certainly make files smaller.
  • Processing Time is the amount of time it takes for your device’s browser to render your files after they’ve been downloaded. The only way to make a lasting impact on processing time is to write better code.
  • Perception is the mental aspect of a website’s loading time. It’s purely psychological and influenced by design. A website with great code and fast load times can still feel slow. A website that simply “feels” slow can often be made faster with minor adjustments. It’s about knowing your audience.

Making improvements to site speed regularly produces measureable increases in conversion rates, site traffic and search engine visibility. In the marketing world, these are among the most telling key performance indicators for any website. Improving all of them by increasing your website’s speed is an essential investment.

If you weren’t working to improve of all these factors, your site may be underperforming in ways you may not have considered. Older websites are likely built with outdated code, which can negatively impact site performance. On some occasions, an older website can be retrofitted to perform more efficiently, but that is only a short-term solution.

When talking about the structure of a website, the code is the foundation. Old code does not often have the capacity to accommodate today’s dynamic technology. It is far more effective to build a new website, giving your business a valuable facelift while also improving site speed, content quality and other website performance factors.

Modern web development standards and practices focus on websites that are responsive to the needs of all devices and streamlined for speed. Zenman’s website design, development, and marketing process is proven to bring businesses fast websites, increased search rankings, traffic and conversion rates. We put your business in the spotlight.

At Zenman, we understand that improving your business’ digital presence is incredibly complex. Thankfully, there is a solution. Our team of experienced designers, developers and marketing experts work together to create visually impressive sites while keeping speed in mind. With a Zenman website, your business will look like a blur as it speeds past your competitors.

Don’t allow your business to be sidelined by a slow website. It’s well-established that a site needs to be fast if it aims to win the race. With a Zenman website, site speed will never be an issue. You will be able to utilize your website to attract new clients, build lasting relationships with your audience and ultimately, grow your business.

Questions about how your website can be made lightning-fast? Contact us today and learn how Zenman’s team can give your business a competitive advantage.

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