New York with Bob & Linda

For the Fourth of July this year I (Keith) went to visit our good friend and an amazing photographer Bob Carey at his Studio in Brooklyn, NY. It was great to see Bob & Linda, check out their studio and see all of Bob’s new work on his Ballerina series. For those of you not familiar with Bob Carey’s work you must check it out at www.bobcarey.com.

From his commercial work to the unique juxtaposition of his Ballerina, Viking and Girl Scout series Bob’s passion for photography is obvious. Right out of college I worked for Bob as his first assistant in Phoenix, AZ and just being around him again makes me want to dust off the old film cameras and take a road trip on route 66. There are few people in this world who inspire you to create art, Bob and his amazing wife Linda are two of those rare people.

From the rooftop of their studio in Brooklyn we watched the fireworks on the East River (see some of these images) where you could see the barges on the water. The next day I assisted Bob on a small commercial shoot and just setting up C-Stands and hot lights was enough to make me dust off my Hasselblad, actually purchase film and plan a trip on Route 66 for the beginning of August.

Stay tuned for pictures from that trip and thank you Bob & Linda!

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