Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working



Investing time and money into your marketing strategy only to have it return flat results is disappointing and frustrating. We can’t know every reason why you’re not seeing the returns you expected, but we have seen enough failed marketing campaigns to come up with this list of repeat offenders.

Wrong Branding

Is your marketing sending mixed signals? You could be projecting the wrong brand for the market you’re targeting. For example, people come to your website expecting a lifestyle experience and you’re showing them lots of numbers and data. A branding exercise interviews your current and potential customers to find out what people think about your company, your brand, and your products. This helps change your branding direction or it could lead to a pivot where you change your product direction.

Not Testing Your Campaigns

If you’re not gathering data and running tests on your campaigns, your marketing could be missing your intended customers. There are many areas that you can experiment with, including calls to action, website navigation, what day of the week and time of day you’re sending your newsletter – even button color changes! Pick the areas that are most likely to show effects from testing and segment your tests so you have clear pools of data to view.

Not Tailoring Content to the Right Personas

We recommend creating buyer personas and directing marketing efforts toward those customer profiles. If you don’t define the customers that use and buy your products/services, you cannot expect to reach them with your messaging. Understand that constructing buyer personas is not a thought exercise or merely opinion. A persona is created through research and data, similar to a branding exercise but focused on identifying buying habits, where your customers go for information, and other demographic details. Once you have these particulars, you are able to shape your content to speak directly to the people most likely to have an interest in and purchase your products or services.

These are the top three mistakes we see when reviewing marketing campaigns that aren’t performing to our clients’ expectations. If your strategy doesn’t seem to be generating the leads or sales you aimed for, review these topics with regard to your current plans and see if you have an issue with your branding, personas, or data. All of these options require attention and effort, but we find that they tend to pay off more often than not.

Calendar October 4, 2017 | User Zenman