Joe Architect Site Nominated For Site of the Day by Awwwards

Zenman is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been nominated as Site of the day by Awwwards for our work on Joe Architect. We put our all into every site we create, so to be recognized is always a huge boost to team confidence and a boon to overall productivity. Joe’s site was unique in that, from a development angle, we had multiple hands in the cookie jar. Our two lead developers were each able to put their distinct touch on an already amazing design, implementing seamless functionality across the whole site.

A key component to the success of this site was the involvement of the client. They came with a vision and an amazing attention to detail, and they were involved with every step of the process. In a field such as this, having a client who understands the fastidious nature of web development has proven to be indispensable. Of course we are proud of every website we put out into the world, but every now and then a site just pops. Again, we are honored to be mentioned in such great company, and we hope to have many more opportunities to showcase our work on such a scale.

Calendar July 23, 2014 | User Zenman