International Women’s Day at Zenman Digital Agency


As we unwrapped ice cream sandwiches this afternoon in celebration of International Women’s Day, and more directly the tight-knit and highly intelligent team of women at Zenman, our Director of Digital Marketing mentioned that she loved Zenman’s culture. That praise is by far the highest I could receive. Keith and I have worked hard at building a team and culture that supports, challenges, and motivates. It made sense for me to tie my thoughts on culture to International Women’s Day because the tech space is often not well represented by women and I’m committed to doing our small part by being part of the solution.  Zenman is a place that celebrates intelligence and high achievement, and I love touting that 50% of our team is women, and that 100% of our team is actively engaged in making our culture rock. It’s one of the things I am most proud of being a part of and driver behind, the Zenman culture.

I could talk about culture all day every day. I know it’s a huge buzzword right now and something that is becoming a little bit taboo. But that’s because people think about culture all wrong. For many, it’s ping-pong tables, unlimited vacation, free food, and beer on tap. Let me be clear, although Zenman has those things,  that is not culture. Those are perks. And while they can support a great culture, culture they do not make.

Culture is an action word. It is the way we treat each other. It is the shared idea of respect, ambition, and commitment we have for each other, our work, and our clients. Culture is shaped when expectations are clear, the right people are on the bus, and there are checks and balances as to what culture is and what it is not at your specific company. At Zenman, our team has a shared vision to create great work, expand ourselves personally and professionally, and to consistently challenge and grow one another through innovation and our many perspectives.

The history and purpose of International Women’s Day are rooted in action. I love seeing the many posts of support on all of the social channels, but talk is cheap. I want to make sure that Zenman has a hand in doing something to change the world. And for me, today and every day, that means creating an environment that supports both women and men to treat each other with respect, to be committed to one another’s success and growth, and in turn to create the very best work for our clients.

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