The Importance of a Creative Space

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We work in a remote world. We’re on the go, a lot. We sit down, plugin and get to work. So why should you’re environment matter?

One of the things I’ve learned over my career is to respect your work environment. Take some time to set up your work station and your office. It’s where you spend a majority of your day, so respect it. Make it inspirational. Make it creative. Make it a place where when you sit down to get to work you can do it without distractions.

If you’re like me and spend a good chunk of your day running from meeting to meeting, you need a place of reprieve. You need a place where when you’re ready to sit down a get to work you feel inspired. This is the single most important reason to make your environment work for you. Let’s face it, you come to work to accomplish a task (if it be design, development, brainstorm, etc), give yourself ambiance to achieve this goal.

It’s not only about selfish reasons either. I mean, yes, it IS you’re office, but think about it from a client side. Think about the feeling you convey when the next potential client walks into your office. Think about that meeting you have scheduled when you meet the client for the first time, in person, at you’re office. You’ve got the contract all set, you’re wearing a fresh new outfit, you’ve gone over your pitch and you’re all set to go, right? But what about you’re office? Is you’re space going to convey the same professionalism? Will the client think differently of you?

I look at it like this. I spend a lot of time behind a computer, some would say too much, but the bottom line is I love what I do. And I want to keep loving it. So that means when the rest of world is flying around a millions miles and hour, I need a place of comfort and solace. I need a place that when I sit down to put pen to paper I feel inspired. I need to give it my best 110% of the time and if my surroundings aren’t allowing me get into a flow state and harmoniously crank out creative work, then I’m doing self, my company and most importantly my clients a disservice.

It’s not only about your physical space workspace either. It’s nice to have but not the main reason you’re doing what you do. Think about it, it’s your mental space inside of the physical. I know kind of like an Inception moment, but it’s real. You set up the physical space to help extract the ideas from the mental. Give yourself a chance to get into a flow state. “In psychology, flow is a mental state in which one is completely immersed and engaged in an activity, wherein one is fully focused, energized, and enjoy the activity in which one is immersed in”

Set up your work environment to breed creativity, weather it be a brainstorming session with your whole team or an individual assignment that requires solitude.

So how does one set up a creative work environment?

Here’s a few key points to remember when mapping out your office:

• Create a stimulating environment.

• Make it an atmosphere not just an office.

• Make it one that nurtures collaboration and interaction.

• Make it a space to think

• Give yourself a place of solitude

Calendar January 20, 2015 | User Keith Roberts