Everything You Need to Know About One-Page Website Design

One page websites are probably more challenging than creating a site with multiple pages because you have to grab the users attention and impress them with one single page. The site can be simple, but more importantly, it must be easy to understand. One page websites have a “less is more” concept concentrating different data in a certain areas down the page saving a lot of browsing time for the user. Many people question the lifespan of one page websites, wondering if it’s the right solution for them or not. Since one page websites concentrate mainly on providing thorough information about one subject at a time, it is safe to say they aren’t for everyone.

If you are thinking about creating a one page website, here are some helpful tips to make your one page website worth while and valuable:

Stay Focused on Your Goal

Think about what you’re creating. Decide whether the design meets your product needs and or your audiences’ needs. Make a purpose and goal, and stick to it.

Make everything as simple as possible

Consider the concept, “Less Is More” and include crucial content and to-the-point information.


Images can make or break your website. So choose wisely. You can also use images as full bleed backgrounds to make your site more interesting. But remember the less content you have, the more dependency on images increases.

Fonts / Typography

The way you present your content is fundamental – given the fact that it’s a single page website. You have to consider the user and what you want them to feel and experience once they land on your page. The typeface(s) you choose will determine how people will respond to your website.

Page Layout

The way you lay out your websites content is completely up to you, but make sure that the content falls in a chronological order in terms of the design. Use borders that make sense, along with a set color scheme making your content look well organized.

The planning and conceptualizing a one page website is a challenge, but it’ definitely worth it as they are clean, sometimes fun, straight to the point and if done right – effective. It all depends on the requirements and what needs to be shown. Trust yourself and trust your creativity and you may just come up with the best one page website around!

Calendar November 8, 2013 | User Zenman