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We recently launched a new website for CritialArc, a security technology company! For this project, we were asked to do brand positioning, web design, web development, SEO launch support, and ongoing digital marketing.

As we learned about this industry and its unique customers, the project took shape and launched with success in the B2B space. Here’s an inside look at our web design process, web development features, and digital marketing initiatives.

Web Design

After creating information architecture and priority guides, we designed individual modules that would later make up all pages. Here are just some of the featured WordPress modules we designed:

TOP MENU / Drop down

Top Menu / Dropdown

Header Module Design

Header Module Design

Content Option

Content Option – Back & Forth

Testimonials Design

Testimonials Design



Web Development

On CritialArc’s homepage, we created a scrolling experience that took users through their main features. Each unique feature was developed to trigger an animation and showcase CriticalArc’s unique value propositions. Below are the mockups we created or see it live in action here.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services included SEO strategy and optimization, PPC strategies using Adroll and LinkedIn, and content marketing via their blog and white papers.

Display Ad Mockups

display ad examples 2


display ad examples 3

Mobile Leaderboard

display ad examples 1

Medium Square

Social Media Assets

Linked In Header image

Social Media Cover Photo Design

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