Announcing a Brand New BaerDental.com!

Baer Dental

When Zenman was tasked with creating a new logo and website for Dr. Baer and his team at Baer Dental, we jumped at the opportunity.

The first challenge was the creation of a logo that captured the Baer Dental identity. Designer Taylor Langan came up with a design that hit the nail on the head.

The next step was simplifying the site map and navigation to produce a better user experience. We simplified the site navigation options, concentrating on five services for visitors to choose from. Previously, potential clients were faced with too many options and it was easy to get lost or confused about where to go next. Reducing the amount of service pages meant we had to solve the issue of content layout, and our design team came up with the perfect solution. Well-designed accordion menus organize content and make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Second, we needed to ensure that potential patients could quickly and easily reach out to Baer Dental to ask questions or schedule an appointment. A click-to-call phone number was added to the home page, as well as a prominent link to schedule an appointment. When the link is clicked, a contact form appears, giving visitors an effortless avenue to contact the practice.

If you’re looking for a fantastic dentist in the Aurora area, head on over to www.BaerDental.com and explore the new site. And if you’re not looking for a new dentist, visit the site anyway to check out the cool logo, web design, and engaging features!

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