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The Vault: 2019

web design

There’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard many times: “If we have facts, we’ll use facts. If we have opinions, we’ll just use mine.” As smart as we think we are, it’s always preferable to make business decisions based on quantifiable data. If your website’s data is not available, it’s time to create a baseline by firing

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Marketing automation has the potential to completely change how your business converts leads into customers and customers into delighted loyalists. And remember: Your potential customers are up to 80% through the sales process before they ever contact a sales person at your company. Marketing automation allows you to get in touch with leads sooner–during their

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Valley View - Client Feature

Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado has multiple locations, divisions, clinics, and specialties. Two of these specialty practices were growing so quickly, they required their own website (rather than just a page on the main hospital site). These two practices were the Glenwood Orthopaedic Center and Heart & Vascular Center. Since both properties lived

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content roadmap

The benefits of learning how to create a content roadmap can’t be overstated. Indeed, there is a “wrong way” and a “right way” to approach content marketing. We would argue that the wrong is to write posts whenever you come up with a topic and post them randomly. The right way is to create a content

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Client feature - web design, dev, content

We recently saw the launch of Orthfix’s artificial disc product, the M6-C cervical disc. For this project, we designed a new site, developed a custom WordPress site and searchable map integrated with Google Maps, and assisted with content creation and SEO. The Before The previous site looked data, wasn’t mobile-friendly, and utilized Adobe Flash. See it below:

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JPG vs. PNG vs. SVG Files

You’re sitting at your computer looking through potential website images. You can choose between gorgeous live-action photos, landscapes, computer graphics, and a bunch of icons. They’re all different types of files (JPGs, PNGs, and SVGs), so you start to wonder, “What do these even mean, and what’s best for the web?” Each of these common files

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digital marketing checklsit

In this epic digital marketing checklist, we’re going to provide you with [just about] everything you could ever need when it comes to digital marketing and how to achieve your business goals. Generally speaking, all digital marketing efforts are a means to an end, and typically the end is “sell more things.” In order to do this, you have

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