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The Vault: 2016


Having good readable or viewable and share-able content is conditional for a website’s UX at this stage in the internet’s life. UX is shorthand for User eXperience, or how someone feels about their interaction with a system or interface. The focus of UX in web design has shifted over the years. Current best practices for

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Rebrand needed

You’re starting to skip over the intro slide on your presentation deck, all because the logo your friend’s cousin designed for you back when you were a 3-person company is no longer cutting it. You have investors, now, and real customers. Some of them are asking what your “clever” company name means. It seems like

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Gaining an accurate picture of direct competitors is Business 101. You create an advantage by surveying, analyzing, and understanding the motives, goals, and actions of your competition. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), you’re competing for search engine ranking position, exposure, and traffic. The key though, is understanding exactly who it is you’re competing

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“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” – Seth Godin  Content is a popular topic of discussion on our blog. We pride ourselves in taking a ‘content first’ approach to design and development, planning websites with a strategy that hones in on the user experience. Content is the driving force behind UX. Your customers want well-constructed,

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